Want to Biohack Yourself to a Younger YOU?

This beautiful image was created by Tiffany Sarkary for the 2018 Feldenkrais® Conference in Washington DC.

I think it says it all in regard to what I mean about BIOHACKING.

Interesting word, but what does it mean???

A lot is being written about Biohacking, particularly in regard to turning back the aging clock and becoming younger physically.

Some claim by wearing this implant, or taking that pill, or eating this food you will rejuvenate your cells and your body and skin will look and feel younger.

No doubt, with our exposure to chemicals, and radiation it behooves us to be proactive. However…

The honest truth?

If you look young, but move old… you are old.

Sorry, but I got this from the horses mouth… YOU!

I should clarify….. most of my new clients arrive saying

“I feel like I am moving around like a old man or old lady… and I hate it.”

AFTER a private session they often say “I feel younger,

I am moving so much better… I love it.”

If you want to biohack yourself and move younger start with the beginning…

Think infant…

How did you begin to change your brain function and structure?

You started moving!

Moving= Learning

True Learning=Changes in Your Brain

Changing how your cells behave and connect in your brain/body IS a type of Biohacking.

Finding new and clever ways to do things = Biohacking

Which leads me to realize that Feldenkrais® Practitioners are BIOHACKERS!!!

Time to look for a practitioner near you!