The Power of Nose Breathing

To start here are some symptoms of a mouth breather:
1. Often out of breath and fatigued
2. Increased anxiety
3. Prone to asthma and exercise induced asthma
4. Dry mouth in the morning
5. Getting sick easily
6. Sinus issues, stuffy nose
7. Frequent coughing or throat clearing
8.  Feeling of oxygen hunger (not getting enough air)

When you switch to nose breathing this is what you can expect:
1. Improved Oxygen supply
2. Improved Lung Capacity and diaphragm movement
3. Faster exercise recovery
4. Improved oxygen uptake to muscles, brain,and heart
5. Calmer mental state
6. Increased utilization of Nitric Oxide in the nasal passages

If you are struggling with getting an easy calm breath, please give me a call.
I can help.
I am actually quite EXCITED!
I have decided to work towards Certification in the Buteyko Method

The topic of breathing has always been a passion of mine. I have taught clients privately as well as in a workshop setting to help them get a handle on breathing problems. Being Certified in this Method will help me reach and help more people.

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