Stick Out Your Tongue Darling

Apart it from being a Tibetan Custom for showing respect, sticking out your tongue can be therapeutic.
The tongue strongly influences the jaw!

Try opening your mouth fully with your tongue pulled back toward your throat.

Then try opening your mouth with your tongue moving forward and downward like our tiger in the picture. You will find this a lot easier!

In North American culture your tongue should not be seen. It is associated with disrespect, laziness, and stupidity. When tense, we hold it back or pull it back and down. All this has functional effects. Normally it should be resting on the roof of your mouth.

Investigate this:
1.Pull your tongue far back toward the throat. You might notice your jaw sliding back and your airways narrowing. You may feel your stomach contracting. Some people can feel a bit nauseous doing this (so don’t do it too much!).
2. Press the tongue downward so it rests in the lower part of your mouth. You may feel pressure in your sinuses or a downward pull in the muscles of the face. There might be an increase in tension in your facial muscles and the jaw joint.

3. Now try pressing your tongue against your palate. You will feel the tongue behind the front teeth and spread against the “ceiling” of your mouth. This opens the airways and makes breathing easier!

Amazing! The tongue is a powerful muscle! Try this free lesson out to relieve jaw and tongue tension.

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