Intelligent Breathing

It is time to breathe easier, as well as get expert guidance, for sustainable change.

Let me help clear up the confusion about HOW to breathe

My journey began when my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer and died very soon after her diagnosis 38 years ago.

Since then I have wondered about how breathing gets affected by illness, physical injury and emotional trauma. It certainly affected me.

I developed asthma during the time my mom was sick. Over the years I would notice being out of breath easily, and having a feeling of oxygen hunger.

What I didn’t know at the time was that I was causing this issue myself from a particular pattern of hyperventilation. I was completely unaware of it at the time!

I noticed after doing Breathing Lessons created by Dr. Feldenkrais that my breathing would feel unhindered. From working with countless clients over the years I have developed my skill to identify each person’s unique patterns and help them release tension.

As a Certified Buteyko Method Instructor, I have the understanding of how to apply Breathing Rehabilitation to different conditions.
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