Ruthy and My Inner Yoda

Flanked by 2 amazing women, Eleanor Silverstein and Ruthy Alon I feel lucky! Click on the links to find out more about both brilliant ladies.

I met them at the 2018 Feldenkrais Conference in Washington, DC.

Ruthy was among the 13 original students who studied with Moshe Feldenkrais in Israel. She came to USA in 1972 with Moshe, teaching his new approach for the improvement of human functioning in centers around the world. Here at the age of 88 years, she is still going strong, still being innovative, and encouraging us youngins to go forth and help others.

She also taught me something without words. As I observed her behaviour,  I saw an unconditional loving that flowed out of her. Stuff like that affects others, and it undoubtably seeped into my pores. It evoked my inner YODA… the kind, wise benevolent yoda with an awesome backbone when called into action! Peaceful, and also powerful. Don’t mess with the yoda. Lol

Do you have someone like that in your life, or an image that makes you feel calm, stable, wise, and strong? I encourage you to evoke Your inner yoda. During times of stress, when something threatens to destabilize your common sense or peace of mind, it works in astounding ways!