Learn to Breathe with a Mask


Would you like to learn how to breathe easier ?

Even though this audio lesson is about making it easier with a mask, it will give you the resources to feel more comfortable breathing with or without a mask.

There are some key tips that will make all the difference so you can breathe with ease!

You can download the audio and take it anywhere.

Thank you to those who have shared their experiences with “Learn to Breath with a Mask”

“I am so very grateful for the opportunity to take Fariya’s class. Now I am choosing to befriend my mask. It’s more then a necessary piece of PPE, it’s an expression of mutual consideration.”

“I am so grateful for your continued connection to what is going on in the world. You simplified a very complex issue with your visual aids, word smith expertise, and calm approach.”

“This is amazing! I can breathe easier and my glasses are not fogging up!”