Pelvic Clock

Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais was a brilliant somatic teacher. He understood from teaching thousands of lessons and treating countless people that having a free and mobile pelvis was critical to healthy movement.

One of  Feldenkrais’  iconic lessons is THE PELVIC CLOCK. It was published in 1972 in Moshe’s book Awareness Through Movement. Since then many versions have been described on various websites and associated with different professions.

Some of them are good, some awful, and some are excellent. Here is one of the better videos on Youtube that I have found so far. It is an accurate demonstration of the PELVIC CLOCK as Moshe intended.

For the info junkies out there, here is more about Pelvic Clock

The effects of the lesson are:
1. greater awareness of how the whole body is involved when the pelvis moves.
2. improved mobility of the core
3. greater range of motion in all activities ie. bending, running, walking, belly dancing, cycling, yoga, pilates, tai chi (did I miss anything???)
4. reduced tension in the legs
5. better support and carriage of the head

I love it so much that I teach different versions of Pelvic Clock in my private practice, and my Mindful Movement Classes. Click HERE For upcoming classes.

Here is what one of my students said“Who knew my pelvis is so connected to the rest of my body – including my head and posture?! The Pelvic clock session was amazing! Thank you, Fariya!”   Patricia

Well Patricia you nailed it!

“All correct action starts with the movement of the pelvic bone, which displaces itself so as to carry the spine and the head through to the new position while allowing the head complete freedom of movement.” Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais