Improving My Balance

There are many instances that require us to balance… take this very accomplished man, who out of necessity, delivers eggs on a bicycle on bumpy roads and in crazy Mumbai traffic.

Thankfully most of us do not have all of our livelihood riding on our balance, but it is the little things, such as reaching something high up that needs us to shift to one foot, or carrying our laundry down steep stairs.

A recent article in CBC News on the Science of Slips and Falls gives us pause to think of the many disasters that could befall a senior and the ways of changing the environment to make things safer. Would you want to wear hip protector pads when you head out to the mall? How about wearing your old hockey gear as prevention? Not likely.

If you are starting to notice at the age of 30, or 40, or 50 that it is very awkward for you to get up from the floor, well guess what… your 70 or 80 year old self might just opt for hip pads.

Being proactive is truly the answer.

Age does not need to mean loss of balance.

Practicing getting up and down from the floor helps your brain and body maintain agility. There are lovely youtube videos out there to help you find graceful ways of maintaining balance and agility, or learn how to get up from the floor.

Stay tuned for one of my Balance classes in town or online.

Here is what one of my students said after the workshop:

” I am unlocked. I have incredible relief from lower back and knee pain. My hips swing in a figure eight. I have already practiced falling and getting up. Wow, you are an incredible Feldenkrais instructor.
Thank you.” Jutta Grote, RN and FootCare Nurse.

You can be that too! Find a class near you!