how to tape your mouth

Tape your Mouth and Sleep Better

Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you have seasonal allergies?

You might want to tape your mouth at bedtime.

Are you nervous about taping your mouth at night?

I get it.  I was very uncomfortable about it in the beginning.

After I experienced the many benefits, I was sold on the idea.

The truth is there are many options to choose from. A quick search on Amazon for mouth tape nets you pages and pages of options!

Yes, it’s a thing!

Is it safe? Yes, it is safe if you do it right.

#1. For those that are scared:

Start Very slowly, and during awake time. Pick a gentle soft micropore tape, tear off a thin strip and place it on your mouth for 5 minutes. Build up your tolerance while you are busy with a task such as reading or working on the computer or driving to work. You might prefer Myotape as it does not cover the lips.

If your skin is super sensitive, use some lip balm, or add lint from your bath towel to the sticky surface before putting it on your lip area. Another option is to use eyelash tape which is designed for delicate skin areas.


#2 For those that are a bit nervous:

Again start slowly, but you might be able to tolerate longer mouth taping trials during the day, such as 30 minutes at the time.

#3 For those who are comfortable:

You can go straight into taping at night. Your first night might feel awkward and interrupted, but by the second and third night you will notice it is much easier. People who like taping often seal their mouth completely. This is Not recommended for children. The Myotape version works great for kids and comes in a small size.


#1 I noticed that I slept better and felt much more rested in the morning. My allergies became a lot less severe (more about this later). I had better brain sharpness during the day and generally more energy during the day.

#2 All the symptom changes above have to do with improved oxygen supply and harnessing the usefulness of the nasal cavities.

Our bodies are in rest and repair mode at night. This is not a good time (is there ever?) to deprive yourself of oxygen. Optimal nasal breathing will be part of this process.

Did you know that chronic mouth breathing can lead to a mess of health problems including: sinus infections, chronic anxiety, dental issues, ADHD, asthma, more pronounced PMS and menopausal symptoms, susceptibility to lung infections, sleep apnea, … the list goes on.

The wonderful thing is that many of these problems can be reversible. That is why I bother.

#3  Nitric Oxide! You might have seen supplements in the health food store encouraging the benefit of this molecule. And, Yes it is readily available in the air, which our nose is designed to trap and absorb! Woohoo!

“One of the many benefits (of nose breathing) is that the sinuses release a huge boost of nitric oxide, a molecule that plays an essential role in increasing circulation, and delivering oxygen to the cells. Immune function, weight, circulation, mood, and sexual function can all be heavily influenced by the amount of nitric oxide in the body.” James Nestor, Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art. Read my review here.

#4 Reduced suffering of seasonal allergies

This alone was worth all my efforts. One spring morning I woke up, sneezed about a hundred times, felt like I had a cold, brain fog all day… you get the picture. I felt like crap.

I had stopped mouth taping for a while and thought, hey, I’ve got this nailed. Well, with increased nasal congestion from spring pollen I must have switched to mouth breathing during the night. I tested the theory by taping the next bedtime.

You probably know what happened. On waking I sneezed 5 times, blew my nose and that was the end of it. AH! I can breathe! Such sweet relief.

Here is what some of my clients have said:

“I have taped my mouth for 3 nights now… Definitely has made a difference!”

“I can’t believe how much energy I have now… and only from a few days of taping at night!!!”

“I wear mouth tape to avoid revealing all my secrets when I talk in my sleep 😂
Seriously though, it has improved my sleep as I go through perimenopause.”
“I am feeling more refreshed and calmer throughout the day! I am so surprised by the changes!”
“I like how my sinuses are feeling better in general… definitely less stuffy in the morning.”

Remember to take your time, pace the taping if you are nervous, and reach out if you need help. I am only one Zoom call away!

IF you have trouble turning off your brain and settling off to sleep you might want to check out my Sleepytime recordings!

Sweet Dreams!