How to Pronounce Feldenkrais

A recent post on the FB Page “Feldenkrais Practitioners Around the World” turned up a Youtube page on how to pronounce Feldenkrais®. To my chagrin the computer voice got it Very wrong which elicited quite a lot of laughter from the community.
On the other hand we have celebrated moments of precision and recognition. One example was the Annual American Spelling Bee. A celebrated and popular televised event, showcased the hard to spell F word!

How to educate the world on this brilliant Method is a frequent sore point for many Feldenkrais Professionals. We all try to do our part by writing about the work, sharing it at various venues and with other professionals.

The Feldenkrais Method is a beautiful gift for many who receive it’s benefits. The work lingers in our bodies and brains, providing lasting results.

Practitioners truly rely on word of mouth from their clients.
We need YOU to tell others!
How to explain it?
Please don’t say “well it’s kinda like Magic. I don’t know what she did, but I feel better”.
That just might scare people.

You could say “She showed me how to move smarter so that my pain/stiffness went away.” HOW…  “by gently manipulating my leg/arm/back/hips etc.” AND… “She explained what she did so I was always a part of the learning process”.

Whenever a person takes the risk of trying something new, they want to feel they are going into a SAFE environment.
So let’s celebrate the Method for it’s intelligence, clarity, and precision and NOT call it magic, woowoo, or weird…. despite it’s hard to pronounce word!

Still stumbling on the Word? Try it phonetically: FELDEN – KR – ICE.
Hope that helps! 🙂