Hate Wearing Masks?

Does the idea of wearing masks make you feel irritated?

Maybe a bit grrrr inside?

Do you find it frustrating, hot, uncomfortable? Does it bug you so much that you are avoiding your favorite stores?

Are you getting pulled in 2 directions; some saying it makes no difference and some saying it makes a lot of difference. It seems all sorts of  science and medical experts are appearing!

How do we get on with life during this unprecedented time of covid19?
With the new mandate in many cities requiring face coverings indoors, it is becoming a new normal for everyone, well at least for people who do not have a choice.

How do we get on with it? It being LIFE.

How can we get comfortable with the uncomfortable?
Life has been hard enough not hugging our favorite folks. Now we have to cover our ability to share our facial expression, our connection that gives so much information to those we wish to share our feelings with.

We DO have a choice. We can stay uncomfortable and complain.

We can further isolate ourselves, or we can adapt, get comfortable and be in community.

We can LEARN how to be calm, cool and collected when we shop at our favorite store.

When it is raining we grab an umbrella, when it is sunny out we don a hat and sunglasses, when it is cold we put on a coat, when there is a nasty bit of virus going around we….

Whatever you choose, I hope you can feel calm, cool and collected with your choices and afford the same to someone else who chooses a different road.

“Recognizing our insignificance, the unimportance of what we think, do, or cannot do, we find ourselves in full mastery of ourselves to the potential limit of our ability. That sort of unstable equilibrium that is abandoned in each action and recovered for the next is the essence of human maturity.” -Moshe Feldenkrais, The Potent Self: A Study of Spontaneity and Compulsion