Do you have neck pain?

There can be many contributors to neck pain. Here is a list of factors to consider:

Postural issues

Jaw/TMJ issues

Stiffness in the upper back

Eye strain/ tension

Scoliosis/ spinal misalignment

Breathing habits

When you consider this list, you might notice that some of these issues can be interrelated. For example if you are straining with your eyes to see, you might be craning your neck forward a lot, or if you are using one eye much more during the day (let’s say one eye is good at reading distance  and you are on the computer/ tablet for hours in the day, there is a good chance your head is turned or tipped.

Check your ergonomics in your activities. Are you focusing on your activity with your head down, turned, or tipped to one side for long periods of time?

The more you understand your habits, the more you can adjust yourself during the day and in the end, decrease neck tension.

Let me know what comes up for you. What do you notice?

In the meantime…. here is a great short video from Feldenkrais Practitioner  Taro Iwamoto on how to quickly release neck pain.