Do You Have a Stiff Back? Your Ribs Might Have Something To Do With It!

Including your ribcage in your self image is a good start in understanding what a healthy back involves. When you bend over, turn to look over your shoulder or reach with your hand to get something your ribs are involved.

In truth the ribcage covers most of your torso. The first 12 vertebrae of the back, the thoracic region, have ribs attached to it. So, when your back is stiff, your ribs are too!
How do the ribs get stiff? When our breathing becomes affected from stress, when we sit too much, injuries, and a number of other factors contribute to it. In my previous article I show you how to reduce rib tension with breathing techniques.

Would you like to keep your back feeling more limber? Click here to find out how a treatment works for back problems. Keep your back healthy by having a routine to reduce stress and improve mobility. Take classes that improve your body awareness, breathing and posture. The honest truth is the more mobile you feel in your spine and ribs, the more youthful you will be in your movements!