Rates for Services

Solve your pain, mobility, and breathing issues

Private Care

What to expect Your first appointment involves filling out a Case History form, receiving an assessment of your pain and mobility issues, discussing a treatment plan that suits your needs, and a therapeutic session.
  • Expect to discover new ways to move that will reduce your symptoms.
  • Expect my undivided attention and care when you come in for your appointment.
  • Expect that the session will be relaxing and relieving and will not induce pain.
Initial sessions are $160 (HST included) Follow-up private session (Functional Integration) are $110 (HST included) Complimentary 15 min phone consultations also available.

Group Classes

Awareness Through Movement Classes usually cost $25 per class, depending on the class length and the series being offered. Prerecorded audio lessons can be purchased as well. Workshops are priced according to length and content. Expect to learn new and wonderful ways to improve your mobility and comfort and thus feel younger!