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Become pain free, confident and have the tools to help yourself

Breathing 101

Learn how it all happens inside and experience it with an Awareness Through Movement Lesson!

Many folks are not truly clear about where the diaphragm is in the body.

It is an amazing supportive structure that helps us with our posture and digestion.

It supports the function of our heart and provides the necessary action to draw in air and release CO2.


This 3 hour class will explore the How, Why, and What of breathing… 

Breathing 101!

Embody this knowledge by experiencing and improving directions of movement.

Yes! You can change and improve the shape and quality of each breath.


Join me on Thursday, July 1st  1pm – 4pm ET

10am PT
6pm BST (UK time)

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What you will get

  • Increased Flexibility and Mobility
  • Less pain and more strategies to help you through the day
  • A recording of the workshop
  • Q&A Session before and after the class
  • Increased ability to feel ease in your breathing
Breathing 101        $54 + Tax  in Canadian Funds = $61

You will need a sturdy firm chair, a mat, a bath towel and cushions to make you comfortable during the workshop.

Anyone can attend and lessons can be modified so you can sit or lie down for the class.  There will be 3 lessons with time before and after each segment for a Q&A.

You will receive a recording of the whole workshop.

You will get your ZOOM Link 2 days prior  to the workshop.