Audio Classes

Become pain free, confident and have the tools to help yourself

Breathing with Ease

Make natural breathing happen! Find out how your own process of breathing can be improved when you understand how to feel and sense the lungs, ribs and diaphragm working together. You can purchase the 3 lessons and lecture here!


Awareness Through Movement - Improve Poster Series

8 audio lessons to get you feeling more upright and balanced in your body. There is a variety of sitting, lying and standing lessons to explore concepts of alignment and posture.


Healthy Hips and Knees

This 3 hour workshop focuses on improving use and mobility of the hip joints and knees. If you could not make it to the live event you can purchase the 3 lessons and 2 lectures here!


Sleep More

Drift off to Sleep

These 2 mini lessons will guide you into a deep rest and provide the perfect conditions to sleep deeply. Each lesson is just under 20 minutes.