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Breathing with Ease

Welcome to this workshop!

Here you will find lessons to help you discover ways to deepen your awareness of your own breathing habits, and find ways to break out of habits.

Understanding the anatomy, and mechanics of breathing will help you find places to expand, and relieve tension in the body.

Always remember the Feldenkrais rules of awareness!

1. Do the movements slowly.

2. Rest when you need to rest.

3. Make sure you are comfortable. This will help you attend the lesson with greater detail and awareness.

4. If it gets confusing, reduce the effort and slow the movement down.

5. Do you strive or try hard. It will reduce your awareness and make it more difficult to notice details.

Below you will find 3 lessons and 2 lectures.

You will need a mat to lie down on, and a folded towel or pad for under your head. For a sidelying position you will need higher support so that your head is level and not tipped up or down.

You are not required to do all the lessons in one day. It is suggested to get the most out of the course, that you spread it over a few days.

Repeat any of the lessons at any time. If there is one that makes you curious you are encouraged to revisit it.