Thank you to all my clients

” I am so very grateful for the opportunity to take Fariya’s class. Now I am choosing to befriend my mask. It’s more then a necessary piece of PPE, it’s an expression of mutual consideration.”


” I am so grateful for your continued connection to what is going on in the world. You simplified a very complex issue with your visual aids, word smith expertise, and calm approach.”


” This is amazing! I can breathe easier and my glasses are not fogging up!”


“Navigating middle age is new experience.  I spent two years struggling with chronic hip and leg pain  – visits with osteopaths, physios, RMTs, and several “releasers”  (active and fascial) did not help.  My function was still not optimal. Fariya and her Feldenkrais practice offered me something completely different.  She helped me regain and return to an ease of movement that the more mechanistic approaches could not achieve.  I recommend her very highly  (and wish she didn’t live an hour away!).”  Cathy Risdon, MD.


“I have found The Feldenkrais® technique to be very beneficial for me to learn to realign my body through body awareness.  I particularly like the lessons that facilitate internal mapping. These sessions had been helpful to improve my balance, standing posture and gait pattern.  It is interesting to see the similar effects of these techniques experienced by one of my Parkinson’s patients at work.”  Winnie, Occupational Therapist


“I have a ‘complicated’ body due to scoliosis and arthritis, and Fariya’s treatments have been very helpful in relieving pain associated with those conditions.  Her treatments are always very gentle, and have allowed my body to find its own comfortable balance.  The sessions are also deeply relaxing, an effect that lasts long after they are over.  I have tried conventional medicine, physiotherapy, and chiropractic treatment, and Feldenkrais is the only therapy that gave me any real relief.” Kay, Teacher


“After seeing Fariya, I feel alive again. She has taught me to be aware of my breathing, my posture and helped to relieve shoulder pain, reduce migraines immensely and adjusted my hips to allow me to move freely. An appointment with Fariya leaves me feeling renewed, refreshed and realigned. I can’t thank her enough for eliminating stress, pain and fatigue from my body. In addition, we have had her assess our staff at their various workstations and the results were very well received by our employees. Thank you Fariya for your help with my family, our staff and myself.” Cheryle Slattery, Controller, St.Catharines Mazda Dealership


“Fariya, I want to thank you for your tremendous expertise in helping me with my leg and back pain. I had seen numerous therapists, pain specialists and other experts but you were the one with the special touch who made the pain disappear.” Grace Cirocco, Author, Speaker, Coach


“Fariya your diligence and expertise has allowed me to get my life back. You helped me recover from ski injuries, chronic migraines and surgery. I have explored many avenues of healing. Never have I encountered such good results.” L. McDonough, Active Retiree 


“This approach has helped me get through the physical changes of 2 pregnancies. After each session I feel lighter, breath easier, and feel more mobile. During delivery, my muscles seemed to know how to relax, for an easier, shorter labour. When my infant had difficulties nursing, Fariya was able to teach us some new tricks to resolve the latching problem. The Feldenkrais Method has been invaluable to our health and wellness.” E. Dellalian, Office Admin. and mom


“The Breathing Workshop was wonderful.  When I drove home on my regular route I saw things I had never noticed before.  I swear I am getting younger.  My energy level is up too.”  Elizabeth, Teacher


“Being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2001, I struggled with joint mobility for many years. After working with Fariya I noticed moving involved less pain. It is amazing how my range of motion has improved, along with my posture, breathing, and ability to relax.The Feldenkrais Method has changed my outlook in life!” Patte M., Artist 


“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Anatomy of Breathing Workshop! I Seemed to have achieved another level of awareness!  
We are so lucky to have the benefit of your knowledge in Niagara!” Janice, devoted grandmother