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Solving your pain, mobility, and breathing issues

As we get older most of us have some degree of chronic pain.

Maybe it started when you lifted a heavy grocery bag, you’ve had a bad fall or injured yourself playing sports.

You’re getting some relief from various treatments but the pain keeps coming back.


Did you know that chronic pain can be caused simply by the way you move?


Your brain and your body just aren’t speaking to each other.


Everyone’s body and movement is unique. As a movement detective, Fariya Doctor uses Feldenkrais® and breathing techniques to teach you how to re-connect your body and brain so you move naturally. You will recognize when you’re even a little bit off kilter and be able make the adjustments your body needs to relieve pain.


Fariya also teaches the Buteyko Breathing Method. Intelligent breathing is much more than deep breathing.


Fariya teaches you how to breathe in your own unique way to relieve stress and long term issues like anxiety, asthma and problems with sleep.

How You Can Get Help

My Body Hurts

  1. Book a free consultation or a full session to assess your pain and treatment history.
  2. Learn the Feldenkrais® tools you need to move naturally and relieve chronic and recurring pain.
  3. Be able to recognize and adjust your movement when your equilibrium is off balance.

Trouble Breathing

  1. Assess how you breathing is causing you problems
  2. Learn Intelligent Breathing skills that improve sleep apnea, chronic or recurring pain and even anxiety.
  3. You’ll be able to recognize and correct when you’re not breathing properly.

My clients..

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helping you maintain and achieve wellness


In-person classes are available in the Niagara Region!

Virtual classes can be found HERE. Sign up for the newsletter and I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, if you are new to Feldenkrais® or Intelligent Breathing you’ll learn a lot in this video – Awareness Through Movement. 

Become pain free, confident and have the tools to help yourself
by moving your body the natural way.